Please Update the site

Please remove all macros that will not import into the current version and make a category for SoD.

lol smh what is with you people


that has already been suggested and dont plan on doing that anytime soon.
A: a creator who may have stepped away might come back and want to update their macro or someone might need to see the old macro and decide they will make their own from that.
B: SoD is just classic wow, so any macros made for it can be posted in their catagories.


Normally there’s no problem searching for a macro that works, if you go further and take old posts you can end in a macro that hasn’t been updated. As far I can see right now there are at least 2 macros for each class/spec for retail, and classic isn’t that easy to macro tho…

Btw if you can’t import talents, that’s normal. Even hotfixes change talent strings, creators follow normally FOTM builds from wowhead or similar websites so check out what skills the macro fires and take the talent string fits better.

Also if I go further I can see that you posted the same request to Lutechi 1 year ago, so it seems you keep searching for a certain macro from a certain creator who maybe left the platform a while ago.

So there few solutions you can follow:

  • Look out for the updated macros that are on the front of each forum. Check their last post dates and even the title, there is info everywhere.
  • Take a lot of macros, open them, learn how they are made, and start one from scratch. If you need help ppl will give you tips, hints, and feedback so you will get better and better.
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Can you please create an archive for all outdated macros.

What makes it outdated? For example Holy Priests had a major change in 10.2.6 but my arcane mage macro hasn’t changed since 10.0.7 and is still current.

only outdated macros are the ones from previous expansions. and even some of them are pretty good in current xpac.

Yes\ Classic and Woflk… Most macros cant even be imported due to GSE updates. Please archive all the old stuff

The Classic and WotLK ones can be imported by those running the GSE Retro Plugin available on the GSE Patrons Discord.

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or just dont use it?
dont understand whats so hard to grasp about them not archiving stuff?

I’m sure if you want to contribute to the hosting costs for the site, the owner ‘MIGHT’ listen to your feedback. :smiley:

I am sure you are a dumbass. It is w waste of time and use of internet to post scripts that cant even be imported because the addon does not support them and more.

since im half sure that was pointed at me, I link this to you since your question was already answered:

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And as I have mentioned already in this very thread - those scripts CAN be imported in the GSE version available to GSE Patrons.