warrior Pvp telent specc & glyph

And i need a macro for pvp … plz i goig to be crazzzzy soooon :open_mouth:

Pvp Dps macro :smiley: arms or fury ? i dont know who’s best in dps. help ME :smiley:

until ya get to iL 510 id say Arms for both pvp and pve

i use this for both pve n pvp and works great for me feel free to try it

/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,0,0,Execute
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,0,Overpower
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,0,Slam
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Mortal Strike
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,Colossus Smash
/castsequence reset=0.3 Impending Victory
/cast [combat] Berserker Rage
/cast [combat] Sweeping Strikes
/cast [combat] Bloodbath
/cast [combat] Recklessness
/cast [combat] !Skull Banner
/use [combat] 13

you dont have charge?? :open_mouth:

I dont have charge for good reason that is i dont wanna look an idiot in a raid when i charge into a pack and ninja pull lol so i put charge on a seperate bind