PO-CHI-1.0 Update to PO-KO

So a slight update to PO-KO, I’ve gone with the recommended talents, I have moved SEF to a modifier so that you have better control, and if you prefer you could replace Chi Burst with Chi Wave for better single target in BG’s.

Spinning Crane and Leg Sweep etc. are on separate keys,

I tried to re-write this many different ways but this seems to have the best flow and synergy.

Talents 3222132

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.05.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Whirling Dragon Punch, Rising Sun Kick, Fist of the White Tiger, Fists of Fury, Chi Burst

KeyPress: Touch of Karma, Touch of Death, Storm, Earth, and Fire, Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

Main Sequence: Whirling Dragon Punch, Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Fists of Fury, Fist of the White Tiger, Rising Sun Kick

KeyRelease: Whirling Dragon Punch, Rising Sun Kick, Fist of the White Tiger, Fists of Fury, Chi Burst

Post Macro: Whirling Dragon Punch, Fists of Fury


Is it 8.2 compatible with ?

I used it earlier and it worked fine so ye

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Good stuff. Works great. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Hi Grant, nice to see you’re back, best WW macro around :slight_smile:
I added /cast [nochanneling] Concentrated Flame to key press for the new neck use just because I forget to use it


just curious what MS our running with this ? as it seems to lockout a bit for me, running at 30 ms atm, too fast ?

@Matthew_Ginge Ye probably way to fast, I run mine at 80ms, sometimes 100ms. Could also be a gear and hast thing but first try using a slower ms. Monk like Rogue and one or two others don’t seem to do well at super fast speeds

I was having trouble with Fists of Fury channeling, it would cast but get cancelled immediately. I think it was it being in the pre & post macro sections, but I’m not sure. I just removed it from everywhere and added a single line of “/cast [nochanneling] Fists of Fury” in the main sequence, it fully channels now at least. Does anyone else notice this happening?

Can’t say I seen it but it will cancel if you use an interrupt or something else on another key

Not for me, but sometimes it hangs and I have to manually press TP to get it going again.

adrian, where in key press did u add this ? i tried to add it to the top but when i did, it just used the neck then hung

Sorry Matthew, I stated the wrong area, I have /cast [nochanneling,combat] Concentrated Flame in key release and also, the main sequence at the very top. Delete the one you have in “key press” I found Key press to be too troublesome to bother trying to use other than for /targetenemy [noharm][dead]

using 120 ms now, less hang ups, but still get a couple, enough to notice, worth going slower again ? or anythign else anyone can suggest ? also adrian ill try that now mate thank you

Wow, thank you for sharing this works great. Only problem I’m having is ToD not triggering with the lctrl / rctrl/ ctrl modifiers. Any idea why? It only triggers in micro frames or at the beginning when I hold ctrl but otherwise I have to stop autofiring the macro for a bit and do it manually.

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@J_S Welcome, ToD has to wait for whatever your channeling before it fires, also it shares the same modifier with ToK, so…
/cast [mod:lctrl, nochanneling] Touch of Death
change to
/cast [mod:lctrl] Touch of Death
To make it fire faster but it will cut off FoF and Chi Burst.

The best way to learn and expirement is open the macro, at the top there is a tab that says “new” click that and it makes a duplicate of the macro now version 2, do slight modifications i that tab, then under the “Configuration” tab select the “default version” as no.2. Be sure to change it otherwise you’re just using the original macro

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still getting it hand sometimes, got to manualy hit tiger palm or fists of the white tiger to get it going again, its not all the time, and it seems to only be on trash mobs etc, havent noticed it so much on bosses, anyone have any idea what would cause it to hang ? tried 120 , 150 even as slow as 200 but after 100 it doesnt seem to make any difference :slight_smile:

This has been a problem with WW macros for as long as I can remember.

Always a good idea to pay attention to what the macro is doing to prevent any locks. It’ll happen regardless of the rate which you spam the macro, so you’re better off going fast (30ms) as that is what WW macros typically need to perform the best.

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Ye there are a couple specs that don’t like starvation of their energy resource and in a macro and “lock” up, it can be a pain and I try test for it by fighting the training dummies and switching targets while doing so. A lot of how the macro works for you compared to others with these specs comes down to gear and stats and Azerite traits. Often taking out 1 ability in the macro and making it manual can make it smoother for you.

Great macro man. I have modified it for PvP, but it should be great for PvE once you get Conflict and Strife. I run it at 30ms.
UPDATED Reworked Reverse Harm so that you can set focus on whomever you want (best on tank). Have left Concentrated Flame, and Fist of the White Tiger in so you can swap to those. Still running it at 30ms

Talents 231??12

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Whirling Dragon Punch, Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, Reverse Harm, Chi Wave

KeyPress: Touch of Karma, Touch of Death, Storm, Earth, and Fire, Disable

Main Sequence: Whirling Dragon Punch, Tiger Palm, Fists of Fury, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick

KeyRelease: Whirling Dragon Punch, Fists of Fury, Rising Sun Kick, Chi Wave

Post Macro: Whirling Dragon Punch, Fists of Fury

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Hi. Ty for a great macro. Is there any chance you can make a small change for me in this macro with Rushing Jade Wind? I tried and failed. :frowning: