Point of the situation hunter bm

Ok after so many tests on different macros, I came to the conclusion that good or bad all are the same, both gween, tater, cheese etc. etc, thank everyone for the work done.
The point is this but currently the new tier 20 is not very efficient for bm, as well as the spec bm if compared to spec mm.
To absurd dps swings you can go from having 2 million dps to only have 500k.
Good or bad the rotation for bm is easy spells should all be cd so i do not think much depends on that factor, but it’s just the spec which is not powerful at this time.

As far as macros are concerned, there is still no one that goes to perfection with focus and with spell priority 100%, if well I have to say that all go well enough. Sometimes spell the spell.

I hope someone will still be able to improve them even better if possible.

Thanks to all those who publish macro for the whole community thanks really.