Possible fix for macros not showing up

I recently had an issue where I imported macros for both my Frost dk and my demo lock where it would say the macro was imported and says something like “adjustments may need to be made” but wouldn’t show up in my macro list. I may have accidentally found a fix for this. After importing the macro and if it doesn’t show up click the options at the bottom then under Filter macro section put a check mark in the box close reopen gse and if the macro is there edit the macro and on that screen make sure gse has the correct "specialization/ class ID listed. I found on my lock a demo was classed as destro and on my frost dk it was blank. I put the correct class ID and hit save. I then closed gse and reopened went back to options and removed the check that I put in there. It now shows my macros under gse for the correct specialization. Hope this helps someone having the same problem I did.