Possible GSE Macro idea for WOTLK Hunter

Not sure how it works and if aoe mouseover/target macros will even work using the addon. But i was trying to see if i can make a macro for the Trap Launcher in WOTLK that at least fires the trap ONLY when my mouse is over a target or something so i dont fat finger it and it puts it at my mouse with the @Cursor macro. If anybody can help me with ideas let me know. Since i know the reason why its not able to be done in the game NORMALLY. So worst case its a double press the button instead of clicking.

Can’t be done. You can’t fire a targeted ability (like placing the trap) on a target. Ie you can’t check there is a target then use the trap.

This is a Blizzard limitation that can’t be overcome by GSE

Best you can do is put it on a conditional such as Alt and @cursor and make sure your cursor is on the target when you press alt.