Possible Issue with disconnects on log with Repeat blocks?

So I’m doing some testing at the moment on what causing disconnects 2 seconds after log in.

It seems to be an issue with the Repeat Block/function. Either on itself or if the variable drops to 1.

Did anyone observe the same thing ?

If I deactivate GSE, I load in fine.
If I delete the offending macro from my blizzard macro/Icon slot, I can turn GSE back on and load fine.

Did anyone observe this too ?

i play and test alot of macros and i have never been DC from a macro or GSE.
i did look at some of the ones i use and test and the ones that did have those are not causing a DC for me.

Ok, so I did some more testing and the issue seems to be local. Or at least in the sense that if I delete/rename the saved variables seems to fix this, but you lose the macros + settings.

I could reimport 2 macros as a test and had no issues loading in.

So next I’m going to test is it’s just the setting or just the variable file