Pre-Aimed Shot: Leveling

First time sharing a macro, long time user though.

A few things to start off

  • Do not auto AHK or Quick Spam. Its not like retail, where you can press and hold for things to fire off. You need to press each time inbetween auto shots after opening.
  • Always Auto Shot between Spells after opening.
  • Auto Shot is not in rotation because of how Auto Shot works in classic
  • Press between Auto Shots, Auto Shots are a huge part of your damage. Get a Swing Timer if you have issues.
  • Auto Shot should be an ease of access keypress, It does not work like Melee. Manual control can be required.
  • Arcane Shot is before Viper in macro because it wont fire off correctly otherwise at start.
  • Concussion Shot isn’t in macro because it wastes mana and you don’t want to be near zero mana at the end of fights. Or you’ll be drinking at the end of every fight. Managing mana is important.
  • Hunters mark must be re-applied to new target if combat isn’t dropped before next target is attacked. If I can find a way to have it re-apply on new target without combat dropping I’ll update it.


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im going to give your macro a try right now.
you can add this to your macro in…i guess the keypress section?

/cast [mod: shift] Hunter’s Mark

I think your right about not using AHK, it can be used to work like you want but we would have to do…cringe …math, this MIGHT, probably not , work

you first have to check your latency, for me thats 50ms. then we take base GCD, i 1000 ms, and the pre-aimed shot quiver were all using is 10% so subtract 100 from the 1000ms, add the 50ms from latency…thats 950ms., i would say to add 3 ms but i think that would be cumulative. (is that right at all?)
ALSO you cant take the improved Aspect of the hawk talent or when it procs it will screw it all up. (you can always spot the hunters using rotation bots because they won’t have this talent at end game)

sigh…your right we have to push the button.

the best hunter timer is WeaponSwingTimerr , it even has a an option to make it work exactly like yaht.

Yeah you cant spam it to fast or auto shots get messed up. Hunter you really cant just GS like on retail. It has a lot more control required unless you never wanna auto shot. I’m finding myself manually doing stings and arcane than anything else.

Shift Modifier doens’t seem to work. I dont think that was allowed/or a thing in vanilla. Like a lot of script macros right now say “Disabled by Blizzard UI blah blah”

Will update this as I go and such. Just busy with leveling

People think hunters are easy. Really, hunter rotation is one of the hardest to get right.

We are like Othello, A minute to learn, A lifetime to master.

Shift mod works thru gse, but not entered directly into the console. Works best in keypress or key release section