Pre-patch Cata Survival

Here is a simple single target rotation for the pre-patch, it keeps up Serpent sting, Black arrow, does a filler to not clip lock and load procs, and manages pet.

only manual thing you have to do is put up hunter mark before pull, you can also add your racial/trinkets as key presses if you want, but I use a separate macro for that.



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.68.

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Awsome work mate runs great this macro high uptime on serpent sting i like it :slight_smile:

Only thing i can’t figure out when moving it will not cast explosive shot or sting for as far as i could tell really need to stand still to fire off everything

thanks lets keep updating this :smiley:

The reason is the macro maybe on steady shot and because of that yoi have to stand still. I would recommend you have ES and SrS and Arcane shot bound to fire manully on the move other stand still.

I have my own version of a macro still testing but was pulling decent dps, pulling 12k to 14k on lvl 80 dummy in Org both on MM and Surv, no buff not CDs, no Comsumes. Just Wolf Pet with Furious howl and Gloves on CD.

how is testing going?

Issue with surv is the ES fire well but end of cliiping most of time. Getting 8 ticks instead id 9, cant seem to force a delay small enough to get 9 tick.

MM build is good but in general does less dps than surv. I was using Aimed Shot build but now the general consensus is Arcane shot is better as MM.

Prepatch logs for both. Surv log didnt have good serpent sting uptime which i got working.

I can release both for lvling but it surv will change when cobra shot become available.