Prepatch Phase 2 GSE macro

This macro uses the talents below.


This macro is intended for solo PvE. I have tested with a lot of content, including difficult elites. It is written for a L60 Evoker, which should be achieved simply when finishing your intro. It does require that “Press and Tap” be how to cast empowered spells, and a problem I can’t seem to fix is you’ll want to stop spamming this macro key during an empowered power-up. If you keep pressing the macro key, it seems to cancel the empowered spell.

This also will put Firestorm centered on your character. This seems to be the most useful and easiest when soloing. If grouped or participating in elemental storms, this may be more harmful than it is helpful as it can cause aggro onto you from mobs near you that otherwise weren’t engaged in combat. Edit the macro to disable the block with firestorm or just erase firestorm from the sequence should you prefer it doesn’t. Of course, editing it for @cursor is an alternative for centering it around wherever you’re pointing at that moment.

If you require self healing, hold down either ALT or SHIFT while spamming. CTRL for some reason isn’t seen as a “mod” key and I can’t explain why not. I do not have CTRL set as a self-cast modifier or focus modifier - in fact, I don’t have them set to anything in my options. If you have ALT and SHIFT set to be the modifiers for these functions, I’m afraid this may lead to self healing being disabled (unsure, but believe that will be a problem).