Prevent double triggering

hey :slight_smile:

i have the problem that when you press the mod key shift sometimes both charges of infernostrike are used directly

can I prevent this somehow? my macro looks like this

/cast [mod:shift,@cursor,nochanneling] Infernostrike

First question you talking about infernal strike from Vengeance Demon Hunter

I personally do not know a way.

I can think of only a couple of options.

1 - you can make it where it is only cast once per target using cast sequence.

/castsequence [mod:shift,@cursor,nochanneling] Infernal strike, izzisaysnomore

2 - You could put that in a macro on a different key so you have direct control

3 - add a different spell in the rotation. so it cast infernal strike and then a different spell to give you time to let go of mod:shift key

/castsequence [mod:shift,@cursor,nochanneling] Infernal strike, sigil of flame

4 - You could keybind a side mouse button to one of your action bars and move that spell to a side mouse button giving you both control of use and placement at the same time.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea and how to do what you are asking, and I can learn something new myself.

Hope that helped a little anyways.