[Priest] Multi-DoT Spam Macro

Are you tired of tabbing and dotting everything with Shadow Word: Pain? Well now you can also do 2 in 1. I included Vampiric Touch as a modifier, once you are done spamming in normal form (Shadow Word: Pain), hold any modifier key and it will do the same with Vampiric Touch.
There you have it, 2 for 1 folks :slight_smile:

/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Vampiric Touch;[harm,nodead]Shadow Word: Pain

[toggle title=“Deutsch”]
/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Vampirberührung;[harm,nodead]Schattenwort: Schmerz

[toggle title=“Español”]
/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Toque vampírico;[harm,nodead]Palabra de las Sombras: dolor

[toggle title=“Français”]
/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Toucher vampirique;[harm,nodead]Mot de l’ombre : Douleur

[toggle title=“Português Brasileiro”]
/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Toque Vampírico;[harm,nodead]Palavra Sombria: Dor

[toggle title=“Русский”]
/cast [mod,harm,nodead]Прикосновение вампира;[harm,nodead]Слово Тьмы: Боль

Macro Explanation:

priest multidot spam macro

UPDATED February 4, 2012: Included translations for 5 client languages.

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