[Priest] Multi-form Buffs Lazy Macro - 5.0

I was looking around for smart buffing macros but they did not seem that smart. They were all separated and kept recasting if you were not careful. So I put them all in one and even better.

If your spec is shadow it will try to cast Shadowform if you are not in it, otherwise will cast the rest of the spells and stops before recasting the same ones again. It will reset in 5 seconds in case you would like to recast them again.
If your spec is holy or discipline it will just cast all your buffs without interfering with the shadow part. Put an icon if it bugs you that is empty or question mark. I hope everyone likes it :slight_smile:

You are free to edit the Inner buffs or the macro however you like.

The dot (.) is intended, I use it as a stop to make the macro smart (it can be spammed and won’t recast already buffs).

/castsequence [nostance] Shadowform
/castsequence [stance:0,@player] reset=5 Power Word: Fortitude, Inner Will,.
/castsequence [stance:1,@player] reset=5 Power Word: Fortitude, Inner Fire,.

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