Prints everything to chat

GSE suddenly started printing everything to the chat and I also cannot press any buttons with the /gse window opened?

Just maybe, ure using the alpha version of GSE3

Anyways, backup & copy then clean addon / wtf folders, and try again.


You installed the first Alpha of GSE3.

All the problems you are describing are listed in the Release notes as expected outcomes. GSE3 is a significant change to GSE 2 and the purpose of this alpha was to allow people to see how their macro would change in GSE3. If you are not interested in that I would suggest installing the stable 2.6.51 instead of 3.0.0-alpha1.

GSE is developed with the standard alpha-beta-release philosophies. Alphas are feature incomplete to demonstrate a particular feature - most normal thing s won’t work the way you are used to and will have specific notes to pay attention to (IE read the release notes). Betas are feature complete but need testing in a wider range than my specific testing of features. Betas will have bugs but they may be outside the normal range of what I individually would see. Releases are expected to work however may have an outlier bug that is unique to a few users.

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ah yes, thanks, wowup had installed the alpha version of GSE :slight_smile: