priority command?

so back when i played to make a priority macro you used 0 0,0 and so on but how does this new macro maker work? i see where i set it to priority but i dont understand what i use to tell it top to bottom priority. like is it /cast 1 skill for highest priority or whats going on?

It works down the list.

It attempts to do what’s on line 1.
It then resets and attempts to do line 1 again (likely will fail because on cooldown) then attempts line 2
it then attempts line 1 then line 2 then line 3 and rinses and repeats.

So priority works based on where in the script you put it (top is highest, bottom is lowest).


o ok the macro was trying to say that and i took it as i need to add 1 12 somewhere lol. thank you.

See Understanding Priority from