Problem importing new profiles

Hi, I’ve been using GSE for a long time with no problems. but since the expansion of shadowlands when importing profiles of any class and spec most do not work for me it seems that they are imported correctly but it does not allow them to be used they all appear with the icon of a book and it does not allow them to be used,

If anyone knows how to help, I would greatly appreciate it. I haven’t been able to import anything new for several months, as data my old profiles work, I also deleted the .lua files in case it was a problem but nothing changed.

you have to tell the macro to make a icon. once to left click on the macro, look at the bootom of the screen, you’ll see a create icon button

Each GSE template needs a stub macro in WoW’s /macro you can only store 18 of these per character. So GSE allows you to create and delete these stubs (Create Icon/Delete Icon). If you have a blue book it means you need to create the icon for that macro.

Thank you very much, it works perfectly for me, I don’t know how I didn’t fall into that error before. thx!