Problem with button spamming

I dont know much about add on programming, but would it be possible to add an option that reads the GCD of the character and limits going to the next spell until the GCD is up, so as to prevent accidental button spam?

It would be much better for me if it didn’t switch to the other without using Spell.

like other dps helpers, hekili or maxdps or ovale.

I couldn’t find such an option in GSE. Is there a place I missed?


Yes it’s called a pause block. Add one after each of your action block and set it to pause for the GCD. You will also need to set the Milliseconds you are spamming the macro at in GSE Options under external timing.

(Also this will spam at the same speed even if your haste changes for things like bloodlust - it can’t update the speed I’m combat - this is a WoW limitation - the way that you can overcome this is to have a duplicate of your macro that has actual ms settings rather than the gcd that you can swap to for lust bursting)


/pause block

Crusader Strike

/pause block

Blade of justice

/pause block

Templar’s Verdict

I tried this macro but it still changing icons before the gcd up my friend…

How can i do it?

Check your options. If your spamming at 250ms in AHK for example you need to make sure that the GSE option for external timing is also 250ms. If these settings both inside the game and outside the game don’t match then the math won’t work.

Thanks for you answer T