Problem with GS-E - help needed

hello all ,

it is the first time that i am posting here , and i really need your directions to a problem that has occurred today . It is some time now that i am using the Gs-E with no problems at all and deleted the GS that previous had .
Usually when i log in and type /gs it shows the specs with talent numbers for my current character and then from macros toolkit i choose what to use etc etc .
today i logged in to play with a new char of mine and nothing seems to work properly . i am typing /gs as usual to choose between specs , but nothing shows on chat panel . Although it opens the macro window but there isn’t anything listed on my characters macro tab .
i have also tested it with other chars that i usually play and same thing happens ,the strange is that even i cannot see the specs on chat , in my warrior i can see the macros , and when i drag the macro on my action bar , it doesn’t work .
i ended up deleting all the GS-E files , downloaded all from start from curse again but nothing happens . i also deleted my macros file in case there is an error occurred there , still nothing happens .
i am wondering what may caused this because yesterday everything was working properly.
is there a solution to this problem or i have to delete the GS-E and reinstall the GS to play properly . i will appreciate if someone can help a bit .

Sounds like you disabled GS-DraikMacros and have no other macros for that class.