Problem with GSE mouseover

Hello guys, since the launch of DF I have some problem with GSE, some mouseover macros, especially with Holy Light and Flash of Light, aren’t working as intended. All others macro mouseover like Holy Shock or Bestow Faith works but not HL / FoL (they are casted on me and not on my mouseover) and the base macro outside of GSE is Working perfectly,

Here the macro for HoL /cast [mod:alt,target=mouseover,exists,help,nodead] Holy Light
and here the macro for other like Holyshock or bestow /cast [@mouseover,help][@target,help][@player] Bestow Faith // /cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead] Holy Shock

If someone know why they don’t want to be fired in mouseover, I would be super happy ^^

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@mouseover along with @focus, @player and @cursor can be messed up based on the combination of choices of how you have setup your UI. These are known problems that Blizzard has gone - “we don’t care about fixing these”. Your best bet is to turn off all the new things like action targeting and click to cast etc till it works … if it will ever work again for you. Also ElvUI has also been known to mess with this.

seems like elvui been causing a lot of issues

been hearing “Pawn” is a trouble maker now too.

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Remember back in the day before Shadowlands WowHead and icy Veins would have a generic “Pawn String” for you to be able to import into Pawn on their Stat Priority page??

Wanna know why it’s not there anymore? Because Pawn unreliable and Raidbots will give more accurate results. Plus it’s one less Addon running for those that play on a potato.

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Very true. Why I stop using it after the 2nd week of DF. I always hold out hope it will be good again. Lol

Thanks for all your response. I have check all my settings bcz i haven’t check them since they are implemented, blizz was thinking to put ALT to auto cast self by default will be a fun thing to people using Macro :slight_smile: I have turn it off and everything work now -.- ty blizz