Problem with screen loading

I uninstalled all adds and only reinstall the core things i needed. everything was fine until i reinstalled GSE. after reinstalling GSE my screen loading time is 10-15secs for things like going into portal or dungeon. Was I disable the gse addon it 2-3 secs for loading time. i uninstalled all saved variables and the addon and tried a 2nd time with the same exact results. any thoughts?

Disable GSE in fact don’t use it at all.

Unfortunately a mod of GSE’s size has a lot in it. If you are not editing macros - disable GSE_GUI and if you’re not using the LDB feed disable it - that will give you back some cycles but there is a lot of work to do now when you change zones.

there are three addons when i installed GSE. GSE2: gnome sequencer enhanced, GSE2: GUI, and GSE2: LDB. which do i disable? will i still be able to import macros and use the GSE?

You missed my humour in line 1.

To run a macro you need GSE. Disable this and nothing will work at all. This is 40% of the mod.

To import, edit or create a macro you need GSE GUI. This is 50% of the resources of the mod and needs GSE

To troubleshoot, debug or view the OOC queue you need GSE LDB. This is 10% of the mod and needs GSE + GSE GUI

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what changed that made this weird loading time. before pre patch i had zero issues with loading. is this a bug that can be fixed?

Yeah Blizzard can roll back to BFA and undo all their API changes for this expansion. They changed how mods work and how they are processed. They do it every expansion. Their response this time is that now WoW needs an SSD as a minimum requirement due to the increased I/O.

oh i get that. it happens every patch. I have an ssd drive so that not my worry. Just was wondering if there will be in due time a fix to this issue. i cant be the only one with it. i love your addon and will continue to use it in the meantime.

so is it fair to say im stuck with this issue because blizz changed their API? gotta be a fix because when i disable GSE its instant loading times. I’ve reinstalled everything and running with plenty of space on SSD drive. nothing like going into a mythic and people are waiting on you to “zone in”. Hopefully, this smoothes out and ty for your hard work.

just curious but would doing a fresh install of GSE help with loading times?

Not really. You’re still installing the same code base as you have now.

good point. i might have thought i had a bad or corrupted file that could be a contributing factor but it seems thats not the case.

The only potential thing would be a bad macro but that would be needle in the hay stack kind of thing.

GSE is also coded to defer its actions till after you have zoned in. It stops when you zone and then doesn’t start again till after you have the screen active.

i fixed it. i uninstalled GSE and removed all files associated with it. reinstalled and added fresh macros and it works great now.

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