problems getting into / gs

I can’t get into the program “/ gs”

I’ve been having issues with GS since the patch also. Once I open and change anything in a macro and save it I have to exit WoW completely and restart it to save something again. If I don’t do this it doesn’t save. Not the same issue as you but it is an issue nontheless.

I can see it coming in

Looks like you have a space between the forward slash and g.

It should look like this “/gs” or you can do “/gse”.

no :frowning:

You do not need to exit WoW to save your macro (GSE gets screwy often once you have qued for something–particularly PVP). Just type /reload before you start changing a macro and type it again after you have made a change to save it.

The reason why you need to do it the first time is that GSE wipes the macro out of memory during any changes; forcing you to re-do your changes.

You will not have to do this if you have just logged on/have not qued for any instanced group.

When you are done editing the macro, type /reload to make sure the save sticks for good.

Thanks, John - I’ll give that a try.

Is it me or is this a huge problem? I just logged in and started to play WOW, however my macros will not work and /gs or even /gse will not bring up the gnome sequencer and yes I did update to the newest version of gs. What am I missing here?