Properly setting up LazyMacros/GSE

Hi guys,

First of all, sincerest apologies if a “how to” is laid out somewhere and I’ve missed it.

I want to use GSE with my Prot/Fury warrior, but I don’t think I have it set up properly. The macros work in GSE perfectly, but I currently just have that macro bound to my mousewheel, which has that “free spin” setting a lot of mouses do. So I put it on Mousewheel Down, spin the wheel, and let it work.

This would work well if the “Priority” order was strictly maintained (that it was always able to select the highest priority one) but it doesn’t, and my current system is basically a raffle to see what goes off next.

Obviously I know this setup is wrong, so I want to understand how you all do it. Do you use something like AHK? I see that a lot of people specify a certain ms setting. If you’re using AHK (or something like it), do you basically hit a button when combat starts and just let it run? Do you switch it off and on as the fight dictates?

Is there a guide on how to set up AHK (or whatever people use) properly for use with LazyMacros?

First off, Welcome to the community!

I use keyboard software but in essence yes you are correct, I personally just assign my macro to my action bar then have my keyboard software (SteelSeries) spam that key whislt I control cooldowns and movement.

I do have some issues with priority macro’s but not all so I prefer sequential as those macro’s will just continue to run even if you hit a GCD.

Lots of people do use AHK but I have never used this so wouldn’t know how to set it up but I know there is a guide somewhere on this forum

Ok cool. Unfortunately I have a weird custom keyboard so no software, but maybe AHK is the solution.

I’ve heard Blizzard bans for using keyboard macros (like yours, or AHK) but I’ve never actually seen evidence of that being true?

you can’t get banned for GSE, it sends one command per key press, i’m still at the keyboard plying the game so it’s not bannable


You’re the absolute best. :slight_smile:

My goal is to get banned for doing too much heals and dps as tank im close :slight_smile:

I’ve been using one of your macros so thank you. :slight_smile: