Prot pal Shadowlands first attempt

Updated for live. Gonna play as paladin at start, so gonna keep updating when there are changes.
Didnt run any dungeons because there is no new content, tested only on doll and horseman.

Updated 30 10 2020

Shift for AW
Alt for WoG
Ctrl for manual Cons

Working good at 20 ms



Talents: 3132112

This macro contains 1 macro version. Эта последовательность была экспортирована из GSE 2.6.24.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Удар воина Света, Освящение

KeyPress: Щит праведника, Освящение, Гнев карателя, Торжество

Main Sequence: Освящение, Правосудие, Молот гнева, Щит мстителя, Удар воина Света

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Hey madgod, good afternoon.

Before trying your macro… and because i think details ( damage prevented ) its not working as intended:

can u tell us ( aprox ) which item level and health its your actual equipment?
how many stacks on tanking dummy ( skull one, not 45, not 50 ) can u resist before dying?

Thank you.

I will edit it later.
Im not testing it on dummy, only in dungeons.
I dont have any gear besides one that is given at 60.
I want to make a macro with right priority and Concsecration to be recasted at normal rate. Im not looking for survivability atm.

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oh … ok!

if you change opinion, please tell us

anyway will try your macro tomorrow-past tomorrow .


for me not working well … to much time without spell

Didnt touch the macro since, so dont use it

Updated today for live server