Prot Paladin. WoW Classic / TBC Classic

Hi GSE members,

Does anyone have a good Prot Paladin macro for classic / TBC?

Thanks again

I second this looking for a TBC classic prot macro.

Just an early warning on GSE for TBC. As none of GSE’s Patreon’s have asked for TBC, my priority is completing GSE 3 first then I will be looking at TBC. I currently don’t have TBC beta access so it will be best effort until both 3 is finished and I get access.

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I did I am a patreon

Are you a WLM patron? If so that supports this site but it doesn’t support the development of GSE.

There is a separate discord restricted just for GSE patrons and I’ve gone back through every post on it and there is nothing there relating to TBC support for GSE as a priority. If you are a GSE patron (and I say that as I don’t recognise your username as one of GSE’s patrons - that doesn’t mean you’re not just that it’s a username I’m not familiar with) that discord is the place to mention that.

This is the first time I’ve posted. Never been on the discord ill try that out thank you

Ahhh I am a WLM patreon I would also like to join GSE patreon can you give me a link to it?

GSE and console port with a turbo controller is a game changer and I would like to continue supporting.

I’ll make one once the thing goes live and I can test it a little if nobody else posts one.

Prot paladins and groups going to zerg everything up until heroic dungeons I think. So it has to be built around not stopping to cast avengers shield. I’m not even sure if I’m going to take the skill until 70. Just basically keep a seal up; and judgement, consecration, holy shield whenever they’re off cooldown. Just keeping those 4 skills up should keep aggro on things. But idk until I go in there and make it once the pre patch goes live.

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from memory - frisbee helped a lot holding aggro especially on the packs in Hellfire dungeons in BC

Hey Tim so as of right now there is no gse for Tbc beta? Did I read that right? I have tbc classic beta and I was going to start working on macros for my hunter.

Right now there is a 2.6.51 attempt via

I still don’t have TBC access so its a best guess based on what people report and my focus is finishing 3.0