Prot Pally Raid Macro's 969 Rotation - leveling and Raiding - Updated 25/10/2022

I’ll wip one up when home tonight mate.

Marco has been updated in main post - you can switch between 1 and 2 for if you want Wisdom or light

Edit: Single target macro updated. If u want the AOE one updated please let me know.

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Yeah, I normally pull big, so would be great to have the aoe version updated to :slight_smile:
You are a rockstar

I’ll sort that out tomorrow ;).

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tested this on the bos target dummy, it does not keep the rotation. loss of about 400-500dps over manual. might be useful for fights with a lot of mechanics and take focus of doing rotation.

Maybe worth trying different ms.

Thanks for the macros. I will try them for sure.

One thing, you have a variable of:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

Then in each block you have actions of:
/targetenemy [noharm,nodead]

So one is “dead” and the other “nodead” but I can’t see the variable being use in your flow.

Usually you would put variable name like this in each block:
/cast Hammer of Wrath(Rank 6)

Am I misunderstanding the design?

Hello, the macros don’t work. It doesn’t use holy shield at all for me.

/targetenemy [noharm,nodead]

Selects the closes target without random swapping.

make sure you have learned rank 6 - if not check your spell book for the rank of Holy shield you have and then adjust it in the macro. This will be the same for any of the spells that don’t fire.

Anyone raiding hard modes with this? How’s it working?

Cleared all HM apart from Algalon (current prog).

Single tank most bosses (gear pending).
Also dont do anything to crazy that would stop prog.

Sweet. Will have to check this out. I may harass you some more Oust, thx!

Quation how can i change it to version 2 ? didnt found it . i change it in the makro can u help me =)?

I’m in another country that has wow not accessable atm.

From memory you /gse
Left or right click on the macro.
Then there will be a menu with a drop down for sequence 1 or 2 (or name something simular) change this and then save the macro. By default tbis will be saved to 1.

Of you want one on two different buttons then edit the macro and call it something else tgen change the above.

Just setting some expectations ahead of prepatch.

I currenly plan on comming back for cata.

Yes I will do a macro for both ret and prot - this will be in a new thread.

I dont have or expect to have beta access so this will not be a day 1 release(if I do then great but not going to break anyones heart here).

Im also maining a mage come cata so i dont have the stressors about being 100% available 100% of the time even on off nights as a tank so any testing done will be in 5 mans thus they will not be raid tested, however they will operate fine in raids.

Re mage macros - right now its a no… cause blue brain not very hard :p. If i do something i’ll consider sharing.