Finally got my Warrior to 120, Below is what evolved as I level and some testing on the PTR. still barely pushing 335 at this point so I haven’t tested anything more than a heroic 5 man interested on feedback.

Shockwave i use manually as needed,
Avatar is on a mod to be used as needed.
Revenge is on a Mod for use on procs only or as a rage dump when capping rage during massive aoe situations

Talents 2123211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Thunder Clap

KeyPress: Revenge, Avatar

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Thunder Clap, Victory Rush, Ignore Pain, Shield Block, Devastate, Demoralizing Shout

It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. The Read Only aspect is kind of annoying. Not sure if you did that or if that’s just a feature in the new GSE that I haven’t noticed. Ignore Pain is working well. Control modifier for shockwave would be great since between charge, taunt, heroic throw, and 3 defensive cd’s there are enough buttons to push =)

The read-only is a new feature but an error on my part ill repost when I get the chance, Shockwave was in there but I removed it as I have it on a button next to taunt, I might put heroic throw in there though.

so far the testing for IP has it as a 75-80% uptime which is about the best I can get it with the rage I have to work with. my problem with macroing for a prot war is ive mained the class since vanilla and personally dont need the macro lol so I’m used to having all the buttons

it should no longer be read only and can be edited let me know if still causing issues

Yea it can be edited now. I added Shockwave to a ctrl modifier which is really nice for me. The macro works well. Shield Slam isn’t triggering as often as I’d like so I may experiment with adding another line or sequencing it.

I added another /cast Shield Slam between Thunder Clap and Devastate in the main sequence. It seems to be working better now without any adverse effects to the other abilities. I am really considering taking Avatar off the modifier and using it on cooldown. Base cooldown is 90 seconds, but with anger management I timed it at an average of 50 seconds on the tank dummy. Not to mention it is a 20 second ability so with only around 30 seconds of actual downtime it seems logical to just use it on cooldown. That would also free up a modifier for Spell Reflect that I have been clicking like a noob =D

you could also change it from sequential to priority which does increase the frequency shield slam and TC but i think it may mess with active mitiation timers (SB and IP)

i do have another variation that approaches the rotation differently. where its focuses on SB and fires IP when SB is on CD which is the reccomended way one should approach prot tanking according to pros. which also allows you to tune to your own character by adjusting the loop limit. its still in test stage but let me know my warrior is beter geared now and is pretty survivable now.


John whast the MS? 50? 75? 100? 120? I use alot of the macros you make for “Skeletons” and tweek them but need a base line MS to start working with.

isn’t heroic throw more of a taunt pull though? let alone, it barely does any damage too even be considered to be in a Rotation in itself. i only use it for long range pulls.

i often use it as something to close the gap or rather do should other option be on CD and the target is for whatever reason out of range

Heroic Throw is one of our highest threat abilities and should be mouseover, if no mouseover then to current target. Also can add other conditionals such as @focus