Prot Warrior including my racial skill

I made this macro to include my racial skill on cooldown, lights judgment, as well as not including the major cooldowns in the rotation that arent supposed to be used on cooldown. I took a page from Elfy and used the keymods to activate the defensive cooldowns per key (shift alt)

I decided not to include a few things in the macro, as using them as needed is always better than randomly.
Talents 2223111

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Thunder Clap, Avatar, Light’s Judgment, Demoralizing Shout

KeyPress: Shield Wall, Spell Reflection

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Devastate, Ignore Pain, Shield Block, Revenge, Thunder Clap

KeyRelease: Victory Rush

Post Macro: Avatar, Demoralizing Shout

So I’ve done some testing. Slight edits with other macros. I always use Elfy’s as baseline, because he’s a god.

15 minutes total, 5 minutes at a time with 3 target dummies, and 1 raider dummy. My results were approximately 2.2k dps more than elfy’s with similar buff uptimes. If you choose to use this macro, make sure to edit or remove the racial and Razdunk’s big red button so it wont lock it up.

Lol ok why did you call it prot paladin?

Thanks. Was working on that when I posted.

lol, its ok. i gonna run with your set up later, let you know how it goes. just got a big laugh when i read the title and saw what catagory it was under.

I may take one ignore pain out of the macro simply because it casts it often.
I prefer to use Revenge, last stand, rallying cry and victory rush as needed so i didnt include them at all.

I’m actually thinking about switching the mods to pummel and shockwave, since I use those usually the moment they are available in Mythic+

Just updated the macro, in case anyone was using it.

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