Prot Warrior Leveling

its nothing special right now as classic just came out i will be updating it as i go along as prot warrior is what i will be maining


This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.14.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:


Can’t edit it? or is my GSE bugging?

yes you can not edit it i have it set to non edit

ty but if i wanted to give out a version you could edit i would

You are most welcome.

can u plz get one for fury

Beef, it’s just my opinion, but you could set revisions to the build.
Let’s say everything before version 1 (like v0.8 beta ) is not the one you think would be good enough.

Next to that, we can edit these read only ones anyway, or change them to
(Like Krugdunk dit. btw. tnx. Krug, now I don’t have to do that myself. hehe)

you guys are free to do what ever you want i already have a macro that will work for dungeons and leveling but i will release it when TBD

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all anyone would have to do is just cut and paste ur command lines into their own new macro to edit it themselves. Its incredible how you are able to transfer your moodiness over text. Its almost impossible for me to convey that level of emotion into text. It is truly a blessing that I do not have people in my live that act in such a manner.

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no emotion at all in my post just stating something is all

It just seems strange to make a macro you can’t edit to try ways to experiment and make helpful improvements. I will not DL one and keep if not able to edit…

To me making a macro that cant be edited is like telling someone if they dont use x keybinds they are trash. I personally have had to manually edit a number of macros because they use ctrl mods and thats my ptt on discord.

I appreciate that ppl make macros obviously alot of ppl use gse because they just dont know how to play a class correctly or cant becasue of a disability etc, that being said some are really good but have things included that need to be on a mod (example dhs in retail should have eye beam on a mod so its not used on a mob thats 1% hp at the end of pull not only is it a waste but it looks sussy af like you are botting when it just fire off auto) and hence should be edited to make it better.

That being said making you macro edit locked is pointless anyone can simply copy everything from your macro into a new macro and edit it to their liking anyway.

you guys are honestly making this bigger of a problem then it needs to be… use it or dont use it i dont care i will still be putting out other macros…for other classes and this class and spec…with oout edit lock just to make everyone happy since every one seems to wanna throw a freaking fit over something that isnt a big deal

my current macro i have built is good for leveling and dungeons has all stance dancing syntax in it and everything… it will be published here with out edit lock in a week or so after i do some heavy testing and try diffrent talents


thanks for the hard work on the macro… to add my 2 cents…I think the purpose for LM is to assist people with the game due to physical constraints and better their toons… i applaud all macro makers and their expertise…and their sharing with us less talented people. I realize the hard work and knowledge these macro professionals have and respect them very much. I dont think the editing of their macros should be an issue… but if the originator, for whatever reason, decides non-edit format, so be it, as there are other talented people out there that will change it and do so…so lets respect everyone … kumbayaaaa… cheers and happy trails.

Cant wait for this to be fully published ready for me and my healer combo to trek through old azeroth

BeefCurton thank you for your hard work. I have not tried your macro yet but thanks anyways. Looking forward to your dungeon macro. Happy Tanking All.

When will you post the macro for dungeons? =)

  • Moohaha

i second this :slight_smile:

THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU WINEY ASS B___ Beef is the one who made the macro it’s his prerogative to make it editable or not so get the F over it if you don’t like it then make your own and don’t down load his end of rant and subjet

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