Prot warrior tanking - UA (for betas) & Deep Prot (for raids) supported

Version 1: Unrelenting Assault (UA) prot

Heavy dps spec for betas. Easy way to hold threat even as low gs against high gs dps. Make sure you put the highest geared or biggest pumper dps on Vigilance. You will want a slow axe mh. You will likely outdps most players on trash. In between the macro’s Revenge procs, weave Cleave in with alt for aoe pulls. The macro will put out 3 sunders per combat instance, so if tanking trash, tab target to spread them around if you want, or they will all go on one target (which is good on bosses).

shift: spell reflection
alt: cleave
ctrl: last stand, shield wall

glyphs: sweeping strikes, cleaving, blocking, thunder clap

Talents: WotLK Talent Calculator - WotLK Classic

Version 2: Standard deep prot with Devastate and Shockwave

This is the bread and butter cookie cutter tank spec. This version casts Shockwave as part of the rotation but also has it on a modifier (alt) in case you want to use it sooner. Alt will also do Thunder Clap after Shockwave, so this macro is strong in aoe as well. It will also do a single Clap on pull by default. Use a fast mh with this. This macro will prio Shield Slams above everything followed by Revenge procs, followed by Devastate. It will also auto cast Heroic Strike, so a fast mh for extra rage gen is very useful. Putting the highest pumper dps or even better, the other tank, on Vigilance is ideal. Also, the only thing you might have to watch for is Sunder falling off if there are a lot of Shield Slam procs on top of Heroic Strikes. In that case, just manually hit Devastate. This is infrequent, especially with a fast mh, but it can happen. If you missed it and it falls off, just use Devastate for the next 2 gcd’s to get 4 stacks back up asap.

shift: spell reflection
alt: shockwave, thunder clap
ctrl: last stand, shield wall

glyphs: devastate, revenge, blocking, thunder clap

Talents: WotLK Talent Calculator - WotLK Classic

Version 3: Same as version 2 but Shockwave is manual only (alt). This is useful to swap to for fights where you need Shockwave cd to be up, such as Anub adds (to prevent their non interruptible cast).



Edit: Changeed spec and added Sunder Armor into the mix (on 6/9/2023), with a max of 3 Sunders per instance of combat. If youre pulling trash, tab target to spread the Sunders around, and on a single target or boss it will put all 3 on them.

I just tanked a beta dungeon with this on my fresh 80 war (current gs 3641 with a 213 ilvl pvp 1h axe), although I do have def cap and 30k hp buffed, but only like 6.8% hit, 22 expertise, and kept threat against high geared dps including a 5.5k gs fury warr.

A good strat for boss pulls is to have a Recklessness macro and pop it before pull, then have a Battle Stance > Charge macro to pull with. Then you get a lot of threat from the get go with Shield Slam crit, etc.

Edit: Changed macro to include Deep Prot build for raid tanking. Both builds (UA and Deep Prot) work very well with these macro versions and Ive had zero issues tanking betas with UA and hardmode TogC’s with Deep Prot. Using Recklessness on pull also works really well on bosses with either spec.

im new to all this. can you share the full builds you are using now and i guess that string is for the addon GSE? sorry im so new to this addon and his features

what speed is this optimized to run at?

The builds for each version are in the links (talent calc).

And yeah, the string is what you paste in the import field of the addon. Then drag the icon to your actionbar and you can use it.

Theres no real optimization for speed anymore. Just stay at 250 or higher or you risk a ban. That said, it works well at 250.

hrm, i run my other protwar at 100 for 6+ months no probs yet. But good to know :slight_smile:
Also, i see in #3 you have alt triggering cleave in your first action. but if you’re holding alt you aren’t going to trigger any of the nomod abilities? Is that just meant to trigger when you use shockwave or clap?


what is this speed thing? haha sorry for all the questions.
last thing for what is the alt,shift,ctrl for? you put those macro’s on that keybind or?

Alt will queue a Cleave, but also use Shockwave followed by Tclap. Its just the Aoe button all in one.

Speed thing is the speed in ms you can automate the macro with a toggle macro through a mouse software like Synapse or Ghub.

Alt, Shift and Ctrl are modifier keys you can use to make the macro do different things to the normal rotation. They also work with the macro being auto spammed by a mouse toggle macro (or AHK).

If you have any questions about the general use of GSE, its worthwhile to join the Discord:

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What gear/gems/enchant should I be looking for on the UA spec? Is it the same as full prot?

Same gear as normal (defense cap, exp and hit cap) but if youre doing gammas Id go with threat trinkets. Also use a slow 1h axe.