Prot Warrior

Good Morning everyone! It’s been a while since I have posted. I have been in the shaman world for a while and getting back into tanking. I have played a warrior tank every expansion since vanilla, and I came up with something simple that is working. I have tried a few macros from this page to see if they worked for me, and couldn’t find a sweet spot. So here goes. This has two versions. One puts shield block and ignore pain in one cast sequence, the other leaves them in two different cast. Your choice which to use, I think lumped into one might have issues if the fight is long. Everything is firing as intended. Let me know what you think. Like i said it’s simple. I did find version 2 better kept buff uptimes, after running target dummies for a few minutes.

A side note, I still keep revenge separate for the free proc’s.

Talents 3223231

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

  • The Default macro is 2

hey! i will give it a try! at what ms are you running this?

i know you always made the best macros on the forum with a few others but they ended up leaving a long time go “way before legion” so i am glad too see that you are at least back rock. been way to long. i will give this a go on my lowbie new void elf warrior

Added to GS, how do I get macro 2?