Protection Build - Shadowlands 9.0.2

Hey Everyone, I’m slowly getting to each class and spec but today I’m bringing you my build for Protection Paladin. As always there will be a few screenshots of my interface setup as well as a video going into a bit more detail about the class, interface and macro down below. Please review these before asking questions. I hope you all enjoy!



Video describing the interface, spec, consumables, enchants, etc.

what ms do you use with your macro?

Hey Furious,
thanks a lot for sharing your work with us. i already prefer your macro over all the others. never the less i would like to know how i can edit it so that i can save my holy power entirly in order to heal other party party members if necessary. although your macro feels like a huge improvment with your shift-key modifier, i’ve experienced the need to save my teammates many times. i would like to stop spending holy power by pressing another key, while keeping the rest of the macro intact. any suggestions or answers by others would be highly appreciated.

I find a lot of success around 75 but I admit I scroll more often than hold the button down. I’ll spend sometime tonight to ensure that ms is optimal and update you if anything changes.

Hi oddisee, I’m glad you enjoy my macro and I’m more than happy to help you out. It was a bit challenging but I might have been able to adjust the macro to meet your requirements. It will continue to cast Shield of Righteous just as the first one did but now when you hold down shift instead of casting Word of Glory on yourself it’ll cast on your mouseover target (whoever your cursor is over.) And I’m not sure your familiarity with mouseover macros but you can put your cursor over the player itself or their frame. Try this edited version out and let me know if this works for you.

Macro (EDITED)

thank you very much for your quick responce furious and thank you for the work, will test it.

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Not a problem, I’m glad to help out the community here and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Hey there, the macro so far is great except I find it uses consecration far too much and that it’s overlapping itself. I’m not sure if this supposed to be like this? I am pretty new to Prot Pally so forgive me if this was intended.

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Hi Kriticals, I love this question and it should’ve been something I addressed in my description. I thought to myself the same thing when I created the macro, consecration drops far too often. However, I decided to leave it for two reasons. First being mechanics that require you to move around which I felt there were a lot of in both dungeons and raids. If it was delayed the ability wouldn’t cast for a few seconds after you’ve moved. Second is despite it firing off a lot I never noticed a loss in the rotation. Abilities such as Shield of Righteous or Word of Glory will fire off without an issue. That being said I do have the macro that delays consecration if you’d prefer that one instead? I could even create one for you with a modifier as well such as ALT or CTRL so you have a bit more control over when it’s casted. Let me know and I’ll be glad to help you out! And welcome to the community as I see it’s your first time posting. :partying_face: