Protection pally

hi,i was wondering if someone could make a protection pallys macro with the talents, 1213313 thank you in advance

Sure. Just a couple things:

  • Lvl 60 Talent - Blessing of Spellwarding - not gonna be in macro - kinda situational your going to have to manually use it (bind it to some other key)
  • Lvl 75 Talent - Hand of the Protector - A heal spell that you can do upon other people. Do you plan on doing that as a mouseover on a party/raid member ? If so I can add the [mod:shift] in it for you.


  • Do you want Avenging Wrath (wwings) to pop as soon as it can in combat all the time? Or on some modifier ?
  • Do you want consecration to drop by itself all the time in combat ? Or would you rather bind it to some key and manually do it ?
  • I am assuming you want the ability Seraphim to be used as soon as possible all the time correct ?

Guess what I am asking is do you want a truly lazy macro or just kinda lazy ?

hi,i want Avenging Wrath and if we can Guardian of Ancient Kings,plus Ardent Defender,if not a second macro could work for those too,plus it would be great to get some Blessing of Freedom,Blessing of Spell-warding like i said,in a 2 macro or even a third,if need be,Hand of Protector,hmm that is a tough call on that may be better to do that one manually you think? but i would want consecration in the first macro,as i have try’ed other macros with it and it seems not to fire off all the time,so in others words it miss fire’s,does not go off when it should it only has a 4 sec CD,so if we can i would like for it to fire off every 5 to 6 sec’s if possible or just drop it’s self all the time in combat would be great too and yes i do want a truly lazy macro or macro’s and yes put Seraphim in macro,thank you

oh, and need it to target when i click macro,thank you

sry,but i think Avenging Wrath and the 2 others could be in a 2 macro,also could you add Shield of the Righteous in the macro that would be great, thank you

oh,i have a macro now that has Hand of the Protector in it and it seems to work good for me,ok thank you so if could put that in the macro that would be great

lols’ yur trolling right

nope,but if what am asking for can’t be done,just tell me,k

am just plain lazy,when it comes to clicking buttons,lol

i do alot of pvp as well

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