Protection (Tank) Lazy Macro – 4.3

This tank macro is pretty good if your spec right, like getting cleave talents and such. I have used it since before cataclysm, there has been several revisions because of patches but still works fine, not perfect, but hey is a “lazy macro.” Just spam it just like the other ones.

/castsequence reset=target/alt Rend,Thunder Clap,null
/castsequence Devastate,Cleave
/castsequence reset=9 Shield Slam,Shockwave,Shield Slam
/castsequence Revenge
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Shield Block
/cast Charge

Macro Explanation:

This one will start with rend on the target and eventually thunder clap as it fits in between it goes thru all the other abilities.

For a simple refresh on rend and thunder clap just target other mob or simply do the modifier “Alt” key once while hitting the macro.

Warning it will charge whatever is in line of sight, use to your discretion, works fine for me cause I been used to stop spamming after mobs are death or close to, otherwise if other mob is in range you will be charging it like crazy.


[youtube id=“ulR75bmF8H4” width=“450” height=“360”]

UPDATED July 6, 2011: Reworded the macro to work with the 4.2 patch.
UPDATED October 1, 2011: Removed Commanding Shout to make Revenge work, Revenge can be casted more times per minute than the shout.

This seems to get stuck on the Devastate, Cleave sequence for me. It won’t drop down to the Shield Slam/Shockwave or Revenge sequence. Although that seems to be how Blizzard intended it.

How would it ever reach Revenge? Is it off the GCD?

Hello Pauladamides, I just tried on my warrior and could not reproduce this error of getting stuck on Devastate, Cleave sequence. Revenge does not work on the dummy because is obviously not triggered against a dummy that does not attack but on normal mobs it does work. I know is working cause I’m staring at the Skada meter of abilities and they all show up.

I will try to post a video of my warrior playing with the macro before the weekend is over, so other people can see the macro in action.

Okay please do. I wanna see it in action. I found out that when I spam it, it will Rend then Cleave, then TC, then Devastate, and SOMETIMES Shield Slam. But it isn’t consistent.

Also, just by looking at the macro it should seem like it would be impossible to get out of the Cleave, Devastate loop. What stops it from looping thru that sequence forever? I made a simple test macro that did:

/castsequence Thunder Clap
/castsequence Shield Slam

And it was stuck on TC the whole time.

Have you tried making a priority based macro, something that would try the following in order, hitting the first one that was up before restarting:

Shield Slam

I figure if you can make a macro that would hit Revenge or Shield Slam when it’s up, you could make something like that. I know it wouldn’t be easy, since Blizzard reworked the macro system to prevent that sort of 1-button-does-all macro.

I did have it like that when testing, but I scratch that idea because a very big problem. Casters do not trigger your Revenge ability when you fight against them unless they try hit you, but is very rare. So in other words, it would lock up in Revenge if fighting against casters and other stuff after that will never be casted in the sequence.

I just uploaded the youtube video of the protection warrior so you can see it in action. Will do more for other classes and specs. But back to school week again…

Alright cool. I’ll give it another shot. Have you updated the macro? It looks different in your video from what you have posted. Also do you use any modifiers with it other than alt to reset it?

Hello pauladamides, I haven’t updated the macro since October 1, same with the addOn plugin. I only use “Alt” for reset.

Maybe its just me but did you even think of putting in the correct priority for warrior tanking rather than just listing some abilities that you thought should go in the order than you put them?

This may sound really rude, but try not to take it that way…You have it all wrong…the general Rotation with Single target is Shout >> SS>>Revenge(if proc)>>Devastate>>Rend>>Thunderclap>>Demo>> HS(only if u have excess rage or are using Inner Rage)

AOE is Shout>>Rend>>Thunerclap>>Inner Rage>> Cleave>>TC (off CD)>>Cleave>>Shockwave on either 2-3 Stacks of Buff from Talents if ur spec’d into it. And then SS and revenge once initial threat is obtained and the chance of being pulled off of you isnt an issue (usually by the time u use Shockwave)

Hello WoWLazyMacros lol, writing these lazy macros are not that easy as it seems. I have to take in account of cooldowns and resets per target function and amount of castsequences. I would love to stick the Shout in the whole macro but it just would not work the way I wrote this one. Lets say you want to start with a Shout and you put it in the first sequence, as soon you change targets it will reset and try to cast Shout again and probably will be on cooldown.

Second and third castsequences are not long enough to make a full rotation and use the proper timing to renew the Shout, so it will get stuck again with maybe 10 seconds trying to cast the Shout in cooldown.
And put it in by itself since it shares a global cooldown with the rest of the spells it will get skipped or overwritten by other spell that is off the global cooldown.

Just remember is a lazy macro, I would love to make a precise rotation for this one but some spells like Revenge it prevents me for doing a long rotation without breaking it into sequences. Because if for some reason Revenge is not up and have bad luck to do not trigger this ability for a few seconds there is some wasted time right there that you could of used for something else. Macros are not that smart at it seems, they might look like it but they just pretty much try to fill the gaps with spells in a priority base from top to bottom.

I could make a long rotation and see how it works for you, but there are restrictions and probably by repeating spells a lot will run into max characters issues and won’t be able to fit everything in the normal macro box. There are addOns out there that unlocks this potential to have more characters but people sometimes do not like to rely on more tools.

Sometimes you can’t control to pause abilities and make them on demand when something is triggered, you can but it would get messy like holding ctrl + macro or alt + macro or a combination of any modifiers. Technically could be done something more controllable like you would like but it defeats the purpose of being a lazy macro and just spam one button.