PSI anyone useing razer synapse Bans

Account Name:

Account Action: Suspended until 2020/05/01

Offense: Use of Bots or Third-Party Automation Software

As of today I was slapped with a 180 day ban due to my guess using GSE in combo with razer synapse.
I’m currently dealing with Blizzard to get more info from this the gm said it could take a few days to look into. As of right now it looks like using GSE with these macros and the synapse programme is being watched for. All should stop using it or risk my fate. Updates will come as I hear back from Blizzard.

I call BS.

I’ve used the original GS and GSE since their inceptions and Razer products since 2009.
I was a hardcore raider for three expansions and still play on a daily basis used/using GS(E) and Razer and NOT ONCE since 2008 when I started playing WoW have I heard of this.

I’ve heard of people being banned for bot use

AutoHotKey is third party software much like Razer Synapse, Corsair, etc. are fine due to this post (from our Discord channel) from a user and a GM’s response:

But as I’ve posted before: once every couple/few months someone has to come in here and use scare tactics to frighten others away from using something that’s perfectly legitimate.

Good day.

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gm contacting me stating they will not un ban

ban email

Feel free to explain to me this ban then as the only outside program that I use is Razer autokey

wish I was lieing man im super pissed off about this but ehh wana keep using go ahead not trying to stop simply trying to warn.

iv’e been using gse + synapse for years and so do a lot if my friends. did you have it set as a toggle? that will get you banned. as long as your finger remains on the key, it’s all good.

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As I have commented on MANY occasions. You cannot get banned for GSE. It is totally contained within the confines of WOW’s API or what Blizzard allows a mod to do.

YOU CAN GET BANNED, however this is very unlikely, for using Razer Synapse, AHK, Logitech’s thingie etc for automating keypresses. Toggle style macros that are toggle on/toggle off are more likely to trigger this.

YOU WILL GET BANNED for using Razer Synapse, AHK, Logitech’s thingie etc to bot.

For a more detailed answer see: Bots, Botting and the thin grey line.

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You cannot get ban for use of GSSE
You cannot get ban for use of keyboard/mouse macros.

What you CAN get ban for is setting those up and turning it on and walking away from the keyboard.

@dez999 - you must of done something you were not suppose too do to get ban, like i have said so many times to people in the past is that blizzard has bigger fish to catch then someone using a auto click. [example: Actual Bots and Gold Farmers] i been using GS with Razer since Cata. you never EVER want to AFK with it running. i asked a gm if it was alright too turn my razer on to heal myself once in a while [every 1-2mins] to stay log in while i slept. he warned me that if i do so i will be ban for botting since i am not at the computer.

PS: what i mean by actual bots is by a person using a program that actually plays their toon for them and they dont have to do ANYTHING while that program runs. i know this is because i used to bot in runescape back in my day when i was still in school. i set up my bot and turn it on and went to school, came back from school and turned it off. i will admit it was a good way to make gold and skill leveling in RS.