PTR 8.0 Brewmaster High Tolerance

This one was challenging because I know aggro is gonna be an issue in BofA so I wanted to incorperate the statue I’ve never used it since monks came out. The black ox statue is a totem so its hard to interface with it so I got it so you press ctrl to cast it on yourself. When you press alt it will taunt whatever your mouse is over top of so you mouse over the statue and press alt and it does aoe taunt alternatively though if your mouse is over a boss or trash and you press all it will taunt that thing. I tried everything to get it to set as focus and taunt focus so I could avoid the mouse over but you cant interface with it like a person or a npc cause its listed as a totem. 1212111 are the talents not much here to talk about mostly passives because they’re the better choices. I usually prefer Rushing Jade Wind to special delivery but since its 100% chance and the macro will use up all 4 stacks of brew quick there will be 4 kegs that drop at the beginning of pulls but we’ll see I may swap them later on. Priority step here because I want to make sure the macro is responsive to my mods first and foremost and then I want to make sure that breath of fire always goes off after keg smash. I find that if I run more than 2 tiger palms per keg smash that I’m energy starved and the cool down of keg smash isn’t being used on cool down this could change with haste currently on the PTR with the talents I have I’m at 27.10% haste. Because of the nature of High Tolerance and the way I’ve got the brews lined up so its 3 ironskin then 1 purify haste levels may get high as the stagger goes up before it finally purifies. You maybe able to manually add tiger palms at high stagger because the energy regen will go up with the haste increase, but that’s if your really min maxing.

Sequences['jkkhjk'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.08.
  Talents = "1212111",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Priority",
        "/cast [@player,mod: ctrl] Summon Black Ox Statue",
        "/cast [@mouseover,mod: alt] Provoke",
        "/cast Keg Smash",
        "/cast Breath of Fire",
        "/cast Blackout Strike",
        "/castsequence  reset=combat  Keg Smash, Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm",
        "/castsequence reset=combat Ironskin Brew,Ironskin Brew,Ironskin Brew,Purifying Brew",

I will check this out asap

Personally what I ended up doing was taking the brews off of this macro and having a single use macro firing off based around my CD% so I keep an up time and can cleanse as needed. Just a thought. I will have to try out the new build in the beta though.

What Ms set to