Punchcard Cyclotronic Blast.. need Help

Hello Macro masters. I’m a complete newb to this. I wanted to add Cyclotronic Blast from my Punchcard trinket into my macro. I can get it to charge the ability but when the cast goes to start channeling it moves onto the next ability in my macro. how can i fix this line to work? To were it will charge then channel the ability then move on? if it even can. i also tried it threw the side bar were it would use it automatically and it still wouldnt. any help would be greatly appreciated… thank you.

/use [nochanneling] 13

make sure every other line or ability in the macro also has [nochanneling]

That seems to work for the charge up part but as soon as the damage starts something else will cancel it.

I am having the same trouble if I figure something out will let you know