PvE Warrior Macro for TBC

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has an update for a level 60 warrior macro for PvE or PvP as I’ve just transferred my warrior to TBC Classic and am unable to find a macro that works. (Unless I’m some how able to allow my macros from classic?)

I’ll keep checking for updates in the warrior section.

Appreciate any help, thanks. :slight_smile:

I would also like to know this because the ones currently on here are out of date and dont include Slam which is now core to Arms rotation.

I use this as Fury DW One button PVE


You need to install the bc version of GSE

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Do you have an Arms one thats updated for TBC?

Im going to give TBC a try and was wondering will this work with any talents?

Not for now arms is not good in prepatch

Sure in fury tree
… Maybe i want to recap this at 70