pve windwalker 1 button master dps 5.4.7

/castsequence [nochanneling]reset=0.3 0, Chi Wave
/castsequence [nochanneling]reset=7/alt Jab,Rushing Jade Wind,Rising Sun Kick,Jab,Blackout Kick,Jab,Tiger Palm,Jab,Blackout Kick,Jab,Rising Sun Kick,Jab,Fists of Fury,Jab,Rising Sun Kick,Jab,Blackout Kick,Jab,Tiger Palm,Spinning Fire Blossom,Tigereye Brew,Rushing Jade Wind
/use [nochanneling] Energizing Brew
/cast [nochanneling] Chi Wave

i Have Had 0 Lockups. ilevel 540 180k-200k Single Target 220k+ On Aoe 3 Dummy’s Enjoy Guys Reply If You Get any Errors and Don’t Troll <.<

/castsequence [nochanneling]reset=7/alt Jab <---- /alt Jab ?

locking up for me is it the above the extended macro add on i use dont recognise that section

macro did shitty dps on nazgrim 120k dps :S
2nd try Nazgrim dps @ 140k

deleted the /alt bit and macro started to work

PS what are your talents / glyphs :slight_smile:

just seemed to want to cast chi wave the whole time and nothing else!