PVP "Mind Spike" Sequence Macros (3 Macros-3 Keys)

Hey guys, so this is what I use for PVP. I will explain why its in 3 differ macros.
I use a Death Adder mouse so my buttons can be programmed and rapid fire. I bind these three macros to the side buttons and the middle button.

Talents: 3-2-1-2-3-3-1

Macro1 (simple shadow form and dot). Useful when you just healed and need to go back into shadow and why not apply a dot.

Sequences['shadow'] = { PreMacro = [[ ]], '/use [nostance:1] Shadowform', '/cast Shadow Word: Pain', PostMacro = [[ ]], }

Macro2 (the main dps macro). This does most of your dps with mind spike and Mind blast and devouring plague.

Sequences['shadow2'] = { PreMacro = [[ ]], '/cast [nochanneling] Mind Blast', '/cast [nochanneling] Mind Spike', '/cast [nochanneling] Mind Blast', '/cast Devouring Plague', PostMacro = [[ ]], }

Macro3 (this is for heals). This will bubble and heal you when your in trouble

Sequences['shadow3'] = { PreMacro = [[ ]], '/cast [nochanneling] Power Word: Shield', '/cast [nochanneling] Fade', '/cast [nochanneling] Flash Heal', PostMacro = [[ ]], }

Anyone try these out. They worked great for me. Even topped a couple dmg logs in BG.