[PvP] Subtlety Rogue 5.4.8

Guys im new to this lazy macro. Im looking for [PvP] Subtlety Rogue macro
lz someone help

Due to CP generation I find Rogues to be a tricky class to macro in PVP; I have found a solution for SUB though that will get your opener up and rolling with SnD; other than that though… it does everything except spend CP for you. Just spam the button and watch your CP to spend them… first 5 with rupture, fill with Eviscerate/SnD/KS as needed, keep rupture up, etc.

My highest rating using this macro and supplementary macros this season is in the 1800 range, however Rogue isn’t my primary character. The macro is very amusing for ganking people in BGs though =)

This macro needs to be on your stealth bar to function for your opener and on your main bar for regular attacks.

Macro assumes talent 2 in first tier, the rest don’t matter (tailor to your playstyle)

#showtooltip Shadow Dance
/cast [stance:0/3,nocombat] Stealth
/cast [stance:0/3,combat, @Party1] Tricks of the Trade
/cast [stance:1] Premeditation
/castsequence [stance:1] reset=3.0 0,0,Cheap Shot,Garrote,Slice and Dice
/castsequence [stance:3] reset=3.0 0,Garrote,Cheap Shot
/castsequence [stance:3] reset=0.3 !Ambush
/castsequence [stance:0] reset=0.3 0,Hemorrhage
/castsequence [stance:0] reset=0.3 !Backstab
/cast [stance:0,combat] Shadow Dance
/cast [stance:0/3,combat] Shadow Blades
/cast [stance:0/3,combat] Berserking
/targetenemyplayer [noharm][dead]

Quick run-down of what the macro does in order of listed operation:
1st priority: If you are not currently in stealth and you are out of combat, the macro will stealth you.

2nd Priority: If you are not stealthed or are in Shadow Dance, the macro will cast TotT on party member 1 if the ability is off CD. You can change this to a diff party member if running 3s or 5s, but party1 is the default if running 2s.

3rd Priority: If stealthed and premed is available, the macro puts premed on your target.

4th Priority: If stealthed and attacking, the macro executes the following routine opener in this order: Cheap Shot, Garrote, SnD. This prepares you for your first mini-burst phase with ShadowDance.

5th Priority: Now you’re coming out of stealth for the first time. ANY time you pop out of stealth and ShadowDance is up, the macro will pop you into ShadowDance when you press it. Also, anytime you are out of stealth or shadowdancing and Shadow Blades is available the macro will activate it.

6th Priority: If ShadowDancing AND you are behind your opponent, AND you have enough energy… the macro will Ambush your opponent. If you are not behind your opponent, the macro will execute Cheap Shot and Garrote in sequence.

7th Priority: If not ShadowDancing and you are behind your opponent with a dagger equipped and you have enough energy, the macro will backstab when pressed. Otherwise, it executes Hemorrhage.

That’s about it. It isn’t perfectly lazy since you have to watch CPs… but its better than blind button-mashing. If any Rogue pros see where I am going wrong on basic rotation for sub, any feedback is appreciated :smiley:

How are you getting these to work now, if you are? I can’t seem to get these to work for the life of me annymore, KayrMacro isn’t going so well now with new update.