PVP Subtlety with legendary 100% crit pls?

Anyone already found or did make a nice pvp macro that goes well with the 4sec crit 100% legendary ? please share maybe ? not many sub macros around here.
sustained damage after the 4 sec would be nice to :wink:

Havn’t found one yet

/castsequence reset=combat Marked for Death,Kidney Shot,Shadowstrike,Echoing Reprimand(Kyrian),Shadow Dance,Shadowstrike,Eviscerate,Shadowstrike,Cheap Shot,Shadowstrike,Eviscerate,Shadowstrike,Backstab,Backstab,Eviscerate

i use this one :wink:

/castsequence is and has been broken by Blizzard for a long time with it working for some people and not working for others.

If each spell/ability is put into it’s own box and slowing down the ms to around 250 there maybe a DPS increase. YMMV.

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