PvProt LF an All-in-One Macro that Works

I’ve been experimenting with various macro addon’s (GS, MT, and SimpleRotation) the past few days, and have been impressed with a few sequences with all of them, but there always seem to be a ‘catch’ were everything comes to a halt and I have to go back to manual.

My talents: 2/1/3/3/1/1/2
My glyphs: dazing shield, alabaster shield, consecrator

I get a lot of Grand Crusader procs, and wonder what to do with them, as it seems they throw a spanner in the works at times.

My basic ‘rotation’ follows a FCFS focused on building Holy Power (HoPo) for Seraphim slam. I have Seraphim, Holy Avenger, and on-use Trinket macro’d together.

Usually Seal of Righteousness. I’ve found from my own studies on single-target target dummy (behind my Gladiator Sanctum) that this Seal hits harder than the combined hit+DOT of Seal of Truth.

I generally open with Judgment and Avenger’s Shield while closing gap to melee range, then Crusader Strike, Consecration, Judgment Crusader Strike, Holy Wrath… Holy Prism…

also Sacred Shield, Ardent Defender, Guardian of Kings in there somewhere…

I’d prefer to keep Shield of the Righteous separate from the macro so that I can build HoPo for Seraphim instead of having it dump with SotR.

I’m pulling consistent 11k dps manually at i627, with Seraphim/Holy Avenger/Trinket, I get about 13.5k, and average about 12.5k. This is on the Gladiator Sanctum target dummy using recount.

Any suggestions? Thanks