QT Fistweaving - Pre Patch 10.0.0

Initial build for Fistweaving - Fistweaved for multiple expansions (when possible), testing this out and sharing wider because…we all know fisting without a little help can be rough!

Invoker’s Delight


Last Tested on

This is an adaptation of the macro I’ve been using for months and have had no problems consistently parsing purple/orange on most heroic/mythic fights. That being said, new pre-patch yolo.

Had to manually change the macro (/macro and then character-specific macro to use /click [button:1]) to make this work. I also forgot to remove Arcane Torrent for a racial for BE monks. You’ll need to remove that for now, I’ll get another version up soon without it.


Initial Tallent Build:


Update 1: Removed Arcane Torrent
Update 2: Added Talent Changes and Covenant and Legendary info and Invoki Chi-Ji on Macro (1 minute cooldown)


you talent build is sadly not working, Cant Import it :frowning: Mind taking a picture of it and post it?

With me everything works very well as it should, I had to take a tiger claw more purely for the bonus reg of the mana but otherwise it is top, I had to translate it myself in German which is no problem, so thanks for the macro <3

one thing I did notice was the Arcane Torrent is no longer one of our Racial for Void so I removed it. :slight_smile: Works fine no issues

I’ll get a generic version out there soon, not home yet but forgot to remove the racial :slight_smile:

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so far on dummys it works great. Hoping to get into a dungeon tonight or LFR

I use your macro in HC raids works very well, I have changed a few lines, I post below what was changed maybe you can use it.

/cast [@focus,exists,nochanneling][@player,nochanneling] Renewing mist

/cast [nochanneling] Faeline stamping

/castsequence [nochanneling] Rising sun kick, blackout kick, tiger claw, tiger claw, tiger claw

you have to use tiger claw 3 times to get the full mana from blackout kick
Faeline stamping is intended for m+ dungeons, but is not properly adapted into the macro.

Thank you so much for this macro. I hope you keep this updated. I am loving fisting <3

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Nice i parsed average 80s in Heroic SoD , and this macro on another key ! /castsequence reset=target/1 Soothing Mist, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, Vivify, Vivify, Renewing Mist

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What is Tiger Claw?
tra la la la la (it has to be 20 characters for reply)

Tigerklaue in German

Tigerklaue = Tiger Palm.