Question about crashing lightening

how much of a difference is there when you using crashing lighting with crashing storm on a single target and multiple targets. I have not seen a difference myself but i am being told other wise.

I believe don’t quote me. Crash Lightning only focus mainly infront of you and spread to hit 2 more and buffs your lava strike and causing them to also do nature damage from there elements. Crashing storms is like Death and Decay instead of just attacking whats in front of you it spread it all around you for causing the ground to also electrocute the enemies. If I was bursting and wanted to wreck shit I would go sunder. But for more chill and sustained damage crashing storms… Can someone more experience either call me a dip or verify.
I hope this helps. And it doesn’t cause a huge dps plus spike… its a good cleave sustained damage kinda like a filler for you cds.