Question about ~~keypress~~

I noticed that there are some macros that have ~keypress~ and ~keyrelease, I would like to know how to create with these commands.

The name KeyPress and KeyRelease have no meaning.

What you are looking at are two Variables that wherever this appears replace it with something that is defined at the bottom of the edit screen. This could be a simple
String where it replaces the variable with “insert this text here” or it could be a function that does some
API checks and then returns a string to replace with.

i ask, because i did a macro in a profile like another one i saw, but it didn’t work the same way. so i ask how do i do it with (~keypress and release~)

You scroll down the the bottom of the edit screen and create a variable and then in the actions reference the variable with two ~~’s in front and behind it. Then whatever is in the variable be inserted at the reference.

A lot of macros have a bunch of commands that they want to repeat often. Instead of typing them out every action they put in a variable and write it once and reference it where they want to use it.