Question about [mod:ctrl] [mod:alt]

I’ve been doing quite a bit of testing with these 2 mods in a few different sequences with different results. If I use my mouse button to rapidly click a macro and incorporate the ctrl & alt mods in…they function 100% of the time. However, when I am using a macro by clicking the keyboard (I always use my main macros on #2), I find it really hard to get the ctrl & alt functions to work properly.

Anyone else having this problem? Do I have a setting that is off somewhere?

I’m seeing exactly the same thing. modifiers only work when I click the macro button with the mouse but not when you press the keybind with a modifier held down.

so if I press ctrl-1 I don’t see anything happening but if I press ctrl and then click the 1 button it works.

/castsequence [combat,mod:Alt] Rip; [combat,mod:Ctrl] Ferocious Bite; [combat,nomod] reset=target Rake,Shred, Shred, Shred, Shred

Are you using AHK or similar for the keyboard spam?

No. I think it is Bartender that is causing the problem. I’m going to remove that and see if that helps.


that was it. Bartender had the key bound to something else. Figured it out from this thread.
I just ubound the Ctrl-1 and Alt-1 keys and I was good to go.