Question about @mouseover in the WoW macro

Is there a reason this should’t work anymore?

“Very important - In order for this macro to be used as intended, you have to add the following line:
/target [@mouseover,help]
in the body of the macro created by GSE”

It worked last time I played, but now (6mos later) it’s spamming Soothing Mist even AFTER changing the macro

have you tried writing it for Soothing Mist specifically?

/cast [@mouseover, nochanneling] Soothing Mist

I haven’t, but wouldn’t that only cast SM and not the whole macro? I guess it won’t hurt to try…

Can you post your full macro so I can look at it?

I’m trying to use this one KHIT_MW_8.1 I have changed the macro that gets created to add the line in the instructions.