Question about Nesting Macros

Hello! I’m very new to all of this (I just discovered this site today and really loving it!)

My toon is lvl 100 Ret Paladin, so many of the posted macros have sequences that don’t quite fit for me. I see a lot of priority sequences but when I’m testing, it seems like the macros aren’t using the Holy Power fully. I was thinking that maybe mixing sequential and priority macros might help.

I was experimenting with this, but maybe the /castsequence is limiting if something has a long cooldown?

/cast 1
/castsequence A, B, C
/cast 2

I’m now experimenting with this Sequential Macro that has Priority Macros mixed in:

/click macro-name (<-- priority macro: buffs/shields)
/cast 1
/cast 2
/cast 3
/click macro-name (<-- priority macro: holy power spenders)
/cast 1

I’m wondering if the later method has limitations that anyone knows about or if nesting macros like this is against the rules?

Also, I haven’t run across a way to tell the sequential macro when to reset. Is there a way to do that?

To tell a GSE macro to reset turn on the Macro Reset keybind in GSE options. (This was the main function added in GSE 2.1.00)

Nesting is not against the rules.