question about pally macro

hey guys. love all these macros. still working on figuring out which 1 is the best for me right now. but i have a lazy macro question.

i guess i am classified as a button masher. i use these macros on all my toons. and i have been just pressing the button as fast as i can. i know this is prob not the right way to do it. but it has worked for me so far.

so if i stopped doing this i should see an improvement in my dps right?

or is it possible to make a macro that would work for my style of button mashing?

don’t worry darrell alot of ppl button mash most of these macros. some ppl have the luxury of having a gaming keyboard or mouse with macro setup up configurations where all you have to do is hold the button down or have “clicker” programs you can get off of the internet. I think Michael Jackson has a link somewhere on here about a program like that. A good thing you can do is in the castsequence modules you can change the reset timers to help try to help in a way i.e. /castsequence reset=0 <insert spells>. you can change it i believe from 0 - 0.9 . I’m not sure if that’ll help you but i think thats more tuned for gaming keyboard/mouse/clicker programs. Before i got my gaming keyboard i was button mashing like a madman and my fingers usually paid the price after about 30 min of raiding lol. If you want a gaming keyboard and short on funds you can get this. I’m broke all the time so i got it as well and seems to do fine:

hope that helps

actually it does help alot. i just so happen to have the wow cata mouse with 14 programable buttons on it. and i have never used the buttons for anything. plus i also have a belkin n52te gaming mini keyboard. so ill try and see if i can figure out how to set up the mini keyboard to do that. i press and hold a button and it just cycles through the castsequence macro. that will make my gamming time go by much quicker. lol

wanted to clarify something…with that cata mouse, can i use that and program it to “press 1” and just hold a button on the mouse? maybe it’s not “press 1” but iirc, it let’s me program an action-bar button to a button on the mouse, or something like that

or if i wanted to get a “gaming keyboard”, what do i need to look for that would tell me that particular keyboard would allow me to hold a button down while it clicked away for me?

i think i’d be better off having a keyboard where i could hold down the “1” button and let it cycle through things versus the mouse, as i’m always moving it around, getting in and out of trouble