Question for veteran macro writers

Hey guys,

I’m still fairly new to writing macros, but i have written a few now, and am finding myself getting slightly frustrated. I was very excited to get my stuff out there and see how well (or crappy) I am at doing these. But i’m finding it hard to get any feedback. It seems like the majority of the macros I’ve written aren’t getting looked at. Which means I’m not getting much if any feedback on them. Some of them are starting to fall way down on the lists in their respective class/spec pages.

My question is, how do you attract users to actually test and provide the feedback necessary to improve upon (or not if that be the case) the stuff you’ve written?

I know some of you are pretty popular, see a lot of the same names as the author’s of a lot of different macros. I was very excited to write a lot of these and anxious to see if they would compare to or maybe even be better than some of what’s out there. But that excitement is quickly fading, mainly because i have nothing to really do without feedback. How do you guys handle that?


I think alot of peeps have taken a break in BFA, certainly on all the realms I play they have.

A few might come back now the new patch is out but if someone is using an old macro that is working well they might not see the need to test a new one.

You could try posting in the discord, in the macro testing room and you might get more feedback there

First up, Keep up the good work!! As one of the more active authors, I can honestly say I do feel your frustration. Workable feedback is few and far between, for myself, I usually get thanks and requests for the most part. When I do get feedback it is awesome. I have ALOT of alts to make my macros and I try to play as many of them as possible, so I from that work out what improvements I can make myself if I have no current workable feedback. Try not to let it get to you, work on updates and when you update a macro make sure you reply to your post to bump it back up where it can be seen :smiley: I hope that helps, feel free to DM me anytime if you have any questions!! Keep those macros coming!!


I agree and i apologise for not stating that in my post. All macro’s are appreciated and you shouldn’t be put off from posting.

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Okay. Thanks guys.

I have a truck load of alts as well. Pretty much doubled down on every class, one each in both Alliance and Horde. I’m primarily on the alliance side these days, my oldest toons are there. I really got into the macro thing when i was researching addons to try and help my wife (who has a handicap with her hands) continue to be able to play. Thats ultimately how i ended up here and writing macros. She needed something really really simple. The goal being to basically get it down to just hit one key over and over. Her main is a druid, so my first macro was for balance druid. Its worked well and still going strong. After a few friends tried it out also, i got brave enough to go ahead and post it figuring maybe others would like it. Fast forward a few months and now i have macros for almost every class, at least one spec. Some classes I’ve done macros for multiple specs. I’ve spent a ton of time on them as I’m sure you guys are use to as well. My uncertainty starts to come into play on the classes i don’t play a whole lot, the ones i’ve written for friends or guildies. They usually tell me they work well so i posted pretty much all of them. I guess in my excitement at doing that, I was hoping or expecting there to be more of a response to them.

Thanks again for responding. I’ll keep an eyeball on things and see where it all ends up.

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More macros is definately a good thing. One suggestion though:

Dont just post a macro and say : Someone test this out and give feedback please.

When ypu post your macro, tell users how and what the macro is intended for. General questing. PvP. BG’s. Raiding. Mythics… etc …

I think most of mine do have that kind of description written in, I have to check when I get a chance. But because I do that, I didn’t think it necessary to repeat that info when I post them. I guess I assumed people would read that information either during or before downloading and using it. I will definitely consider adjusting how I post them though if it leads to better responses.

The other fun part is when you ask for input people don’t give it. If you search this forum for “request for feedback” you will find countless empty threads where no one responds. You seem to only get feedback when people don’t like a change you made and even then it can be up to two years after you changed something.


It’s great when you do tons of research on the spec test other guys macros get yours going, better flow and numbers, better functionality, macro gets thousands of views…but no one says a thing. I stopped sharing, it’s not the right approach and defeats the point of this community, but it brought me some calm and sanity knowing that I was using a macro that I felt was the best in silence.
Playing again now and I’ll share a few when I feel they are tuned, but gone are the days where I try to accommodate everyone and cater for their specific needs.
So my only advice is write your macros, release, feel proud and move on, paying too much attention to the feedback or lack thereof will only get you bogged down with a negative outlook on writing macros. Write them for yourself firstly, the fun is in the challenge, you don’t need the community to tell you that you have done a good job, you will know when you have.